Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bacon wrapped asparagus

As promised: BACON.

My big tip about bacon wrapped asparagus is to skip the fussiness of toothpicks and the broiler and cook in small batches on a george forman grill or pannini press (and you thought those were useless now that you're paleo and eat the fat!) 

My little tip about bacon wrapped asparagus is to serve it with fried, poached or soft-boiled eggs and use them the way you would have used toast in the past. Use them as vehicles for runny yolk.  You could do the same with plain roasted asparagus if you don't wanna go for all the bacon... but... 


Lox and schmear

This is one of my favorite snacks.  I've been making variations on it for years.   Lox freezes very well and cream cheese (especially the kind in the bar, which usually has a better ingredient list) lasts a long time, so I almost always have some version of the fixins around.    

Simply cut sliced smoked salmon (lox) into bite sized pieces and top with dollops of cream cheese.  It's lovely topped with chives or green onions or finely chopped red onion.  If you're out of all of those (like I was today) you can get a nice bit of color and tang on top by chopping a couple leaves of arugula very fine and sprinkling it over the top.  In a pinch I've used granulated onion powder.  some people like a little lemon juice too.  Who needs bagels?