Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 2

This morning I weighed myself as my official starting weight and took some only-underwear before pictures. I'm not ready to reveal either of those but I will say I was pleasantly surprised to find my weight 6 lbs lower than my January "how bad did I do in December" weight check. (I don't own a person-sized scale and even though I'm currently staying with my mom who has 2, I try to weigh myself weekly or less). This means I am starting this a pound lighter than when I finished my last 21 day challenge, the 21 day total body transformation from Mark's Daily Apple. I highly recommend that book as both a great intro to paleo/primal life and a good transitional program. I will likely go through the challenges in that book again to help get me into good habits when I move into my new place and start my new job.

Tomorrow I call the place I REALLY want to work and ask them if they're planning to hire me or if I should take the offer at the other less-perfect place. Either way I'll be getting a job tomorrow.

Detox wise I had a little slip up in that I bought coconut water kefir because the store was out of unflavored kombucha. Turns out to be sweetened with stevia. Oh well, not the worst thing in the world and, well, it's only day 2.

I got up late (joys of temporary unemployment) had a packet of almonds and leftover gyro meat for lunch. Made the lovely chicken in the picture for dinner with some kale and beet greens braised until mushy with leeks and a mix of coconut and olive oils (splash of red wine vinegar and pinch of red pepper flakes for flavor). Didn't eat a ton of the chicken so when I was out I grabbed a packet of pumpkin seeds (the nuts at the drugstore were all in nasty oils). I ate about half of the seeds and then had coconut oil tea when I got back.

Because I ate nuts and seeds in place of meat and eggs, but drenched the chicken and greens in good oil, my calories are where they should be but I was WAY low on protein today. 36 grams is a little more than a THIRD of what I'm aiming for. Tomorrow, eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, jerky for the car ride (note to self, stop at Trader Joe's for gluten free jerky and bottled water for the trip) and the planned lettuce-wrapped burger for dinner. May make it a double to make up for today/the lack of cheese.

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