Friday, February 10, 2012

keep on keeping on

Not working but having a job lined up (and therefore not job searching) is kinda boring.  I'm having trouble motivating myself to get the little day-to-day things done.  Struggling to get out of bed is not something I'm new to, and I know it's worse without a routine or anybody needing me.  The good news is I have a coffee meeting with a friend tomorrow afternoon and I'll be taking care of my mom's dog over the weekend, so I'll have some reason to get up and going which will be good for me.

Sticking pretty much to the plan, yesterday I accidentally ordered tacos that had sour cream and cheese on them, so although I only ate the middles plus a couple bites of tortilla, I did eat non-butter dairy.  I'm just gonna see that as a bump in the road and keep going.  I didn't notice any symptoms that could be attributed to the dairy, so that's good.  

Considering making this recipe (minus the xylitol and using 78% dark chocolate) as a practically-on-program treat this weekend.  We shall see.

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