Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh right excercise.

On reflection after the last post, I realized that, other than walking and occasionally moving boxes, I haven't been doing much excercise. I never really believed that excercise and weightloss were closely related for me, (though my fathe and our 23 and me results beg to differ) however it has been clearly linked with my mental health.

2 summers ago I tried doing simplefit, with a side of the 200 squat challenge (a spin off of the 100 pushup challenge) given that I already have/had plenty of lower body strength, I was able to acheve that goal relatively quickly. However once the challenge was met I lost interest rather quickly. Similarly, I went to a fantastic (if expensive) kettlebell class for most of the spring semester of last year, but once my schedule freed up and I no longer HAD to be at class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to get my money's worth, I got out of the habit, out of shape and stopped going.

I would really like to get into a routine I can do myself but which has more of a built-in motivator. I don't even want to attempt pull-ups or set foot in a crossfit box until I have lost AT LEAST a good 30 lbs. I'd also like to do a bunch of work with bent-over rows and bicep exercises to prep toward that first-ever pull-up. (nope, never have done one, a not-quite-good-enough flexed-arm hang for the president's physical fitness test was the closest I ever got. It kept me from earning that stupid red patch the one year I got my mile time to be good enough. My sit-and-reach was always awesome though)

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